Performance space is available at CONvergence for musicians, dancers, theater groups, and other kinds of performers.

CONvergence volunteers work hard to create a unique and interesting experience for our members, always lining up exciting new performances in addition to the old favorites that have been at CONvergence for many years. This approach means that just because a performer has been featured in the past, it does not guarantee that performer will have performance space at CONvergence every year.

Performing on Mainstage

If you feel your group’s performance would work well on the CONvergence Mainstage, or you would like to make a suggestion for a Mainstage performance, please contact Mainstage.

Harmonic CONvergence

Harmonic CONvergence (HarmCON) is CONvergence’s more intimate venue for live music and entertainment. HarmCON features a blend of music, comedy, and spoken word performances.Connie Singing

If you or your group would like to perform in HarmCON, please click here to fill out the 2016 application before the early application deadline of April 20th.

Be prepared with this information:

  • Who you are (contact information) and how many people will be involved with the performance.
  • A description of your performance/what kind of performance is it?
  • Any preferences for day and time.

Also, please be aware of the following:

  • All performance times are one hour in length (two performers/groups may share an hour).
  • Tech will be available but what we will have is still being determined. We should be able to accommodate most technical needs.
  • Harmonic CONvergence hosts more than music. If you have a comedy act (improv, stand-up, storytelling) or other spoken word, or even something else you think would be appropriate for the venue, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Secure storage will be available at the Crowne Plaza for Harmonic CONvergence performers.

If you have any questions about performing in HarmCON, please contact Harmonic CONvergence.

Performance Panels

Performance panels are more of a presentation or a show than a standard panel discussion. Keep in mind that performance panels must fit within the format of a CONvergence panel room: a platform with tables and chairs, microphones, theater-style seating for the audience, and basic stereo speakers. Please note that these rooms are not suitable for loud performances because the sound carries!

If you would like to submit a an idea for a performance panel, please use the panel suggestion form and mention in the description that it’s for a performance. Don’t forget to include:

  • That you are asking for a performance slot.
  • Who you are (contact information) and how many people will be involved with the performance.
  • A title for your performance.
  • A description of your performance (include both a description up to 254 characters for the schedule and a longer description to help the programming staff understand your needs.)
  • Any preferences for day and time.
  • What setups or special needs you have, such as amplified sound other than table microphones.

You must be registered for CONvergence and have your badge in order to participate in a performance panel. If you have any questions about performance panels or panels in general, please contact CONvergence Programming.

Other Ways to Perform

There are a few more options for finding performance space at CONvergence:

  • Find a Party willing to Host: CONvergence party rooms may not be huge, but they have a long history of hosting performers such as musicians, dancers and comedians. It is always an option to reach out to party hosts and see if they’d be willing to host your performance.
  • Garden Court Performances: The Garden Court is generally not suitable for musical performances due to its acoustics, but it is a great option for performances that are very visual, such as dancing. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for better exposure than performing at the heart of CONvergence’s party and hospitality area! To submit a performance for Garden Court, please use the panel suggestion form like you would for a performance panel and mention in the description that it’s for a Garden Court performance.
  • Pre-Recorded on CVG-TV: You can always produce a video of your performance and submit it to air on CVG-TV between or after live broadcasts! Please note that your video should be in line with CVG-TV quality and format guidelines.


Connie reclining