Badge Pick-up

As a CONvergence membership is required for access to the convention, your first stop at CONvergence will be Registration & Badge Pick-up. It is located in Verandas 2, 3 and 4 (overlooking the pool). If you pre-registered for the convention, you will simply need to provide proof of your identity to pick up your CONvergence membership badge. If you did not pre-register, you can register at the door for the at-con rate. Save money by registering early online!

Connie winking, wearing her CONvergence membership badge on a lanyardHours

Registration and Membership Badge Pick-up Hours

  • Wednesday 11:00am – 6:00pm, 9:00pm – Midnight
  • Thursday 9:00am – Midnight
  • Friday 9:00am – 10:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am – 10:00pm
  • Sunday Noon – 3:00pm

If you have concerns about appearing in Registration during the hours posted above, or to make special arrangements to pick up your badge, please contact the Registration department at the earliest possible opportunity and we will do our best to make accommodations.

If you are registering at the convention, the acceptable forms of payment are cash and credit cards until closing time each day.

IMPORTANT: Please do not post photos of your membership badge online before or during the convention. Help us prevent badge counterfeiting!

Membership Badge Pick-up Procedure

This procedure identifies information and tangible items you may need in order to pick up your CONvergence Membership Badge. Please read this carefully.

  • ADULT (18+) BADGE PICK-UP: All adult membership badges MUST be picked up by the individual the badge is for. The individual must provide photo identification with proof of age. This includes any Adult “Guest Of” badges. NO EXCEPTIONS. (See acceptable forms of ID.) For fast-track pick-up, you may also bring a printed or electronic copy of the QR code that was emailed to you the week prior to the convention.
  • UNDER 18 BADGE PICK-UP: To protect each member’s badge and privacy, only the member them self or the person who purchased that individual’s membership (known as the account holder or purchaser) may pick-up an under 18 badge. The person picking up the under 18 badge must provide identification to prove they are who they say they are. (See acceptable forms of ID.) We do not want anyone walking off with someone else’s badge by mistake!
  • “GUEST OF” BADGES: The person who is the guest for a “Guest Of” badge will have the badge assigned to them and their first and last name entered into the registration system to replace “Guest Of”. This permanently assigns the badge to the guest. If the “Guest Of” badge is an adult badge, the guest must appear before registration in person with an acceptable form of ID to obtain the badge. If the “Guest Of” badge is not an adult badge, the purchaser, or account holder, can pick up the badge and provide the badge holder’s first and last name to registration at time of pick-up. All “Guest Of” badges can have a badge name (the name physically written on the badge) set at time of pick-up. There is no fee for this at time of badge pick-up. However, if you choose to change the badge name later, the standard badge name change procedure will apply.

Acceptable forms of ID

Adult Badges:

  • Government issued photo ID with matching first and last name including state drivers license, state ID card, state instructional permit cards, and passports from any country.

Under 18 Badges:

  • Any of the acceptable forms of ID for ADULT Badges.
  • School (Elementary, Secondary, or Post-Secondary) ID with photo and first and last name.
  • Other commercially or institutionally produced forms of photo ID containing your first and last name with a matching photo. NOTE: School ID’s printed from your home computer printer are not considered to be produced commercially or institutionally.
  • A SSN Card with another identifying document such as a school report card.
  • A parent or guardian vouching who has a government issued photo ID with either the same last name as you or proof of guardianship.

Pronoun Stickers

Add a pronoun sticker to your convention badge! Pre-printed pronoun stickers for They/Them, He/Him, and She/Her, as well as blank stickers for you to write in your pronouns, are available at Registration & Badge Pick-up, The Bridge, and the Accessibility Table.

Poster illustrating pronoun stickers

Not sure which pronouns to use for a new friend at CONvergence? Check their badge for their pronoun sticker, or if they don’t have a sticker, just go ahead and ask. It really is not a big deal!

Membership Badge Pick-Up FAQ

What if I do not have an acceptable form of ID to pick up my adult membership badge?
To pick up your adult membership badge, you must present a government-issued photo ID. If you cannot verify your identity by this means, you will be unable to collect your membership badge. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary to prevent fraud and ensure your membership badge ends up in your hands.

Why does the adult badge pick-up procedure contain strict identification vetting?
Liability. Convergence Events needs to take reasonable steps to ensure adult membership badges are only in the hands of adults.

If I purchased a “Guest Of” badge and do not know who I will be giving it to, can I still pick-up the “Guest Of” badge and decide later who to give it to?
No, you may not pick-up a “Guest Of” badge without assigning the badge to a specific human being. Wait to pick-up the guest of badge until you do know who the guest of will be. Please do not make up a name in lieu of knowing your guest of either – Once the name is assigned it cannot be changed and it is against event policy to share badges.

May I share my badge with a friend when I am not using it?
No, you may not. So-called “badge sharing” is actually fraud. Each badge is a unique identifier for a specific person. If something were to happen that rendered you incapable of communicating, your badge is our first step in identifying you and getting you the help you need. If you are wearing someone else’s badge, you put yourself and the convention at risk and that is unacceptable.

What happens if I’m caught “badge sharing”?
If caught “badge sharing”, the registered member who loaned/shared their badge will be removed from the convention immediately and will be banned from attending future conventions unless and until they petition the Board of Directors for re-admittance with an honest statement of wrong-doing and culpability. The person who is in possession of a badge not their own will be given the choice of either registering immediately paying the at-the-door rate or leaving the convention immediately, AND will be banned from future conventions unless and until they petition the Board of Directors for re-admittance with an honest statement of wrong-doing and culpability.

Why doesn’t CONvergence offer 1-Day Badges?
As a nonprofit, CONvergence’s mission and our many commitments to our charity partners in the community demand we remain solvent both as a community and as a fundraising vehicle. 1-Day passes would not just impact the CONvergence philosophy but those other organizations to whom we commit funding. Thus, it is not our intention to sell off the convention piecemeal; a CONvergence registration is a membership to our community. We would much rather have our members pre-register and be fully invested in our community, joining us for the immersive 4-day experience that is CONvergence. For those concerned about the at-the-door rates for the convention, we suggest that you pre-register to lock in a lower rate. CONvergence memberships ARE transferable, so you do have options if you find you are unable to attend.

Why are you asking for my credit card?
By scanning your credit card our system is able to identify you by name and find your membership profile faster. It does not look at the card number, just the name. We do not save anything, log anything or do anything with the information you are providing. Once the card is scanned and your profile located, the credit card info is deleted.

Is your system secure, what about hacking?
Our staff has done everything in their power to keep your information secure. Specific information such as credit cards have always been masked when making payment. Personal Identifiable details such as name, address, phone and anything else you provide is in a secure system with limited access.

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