Host a Party

Parties are an essential element of CONvergence culture, helping make CONvergence what it is. Every year, a veritable army of dedicated individuals and groups converge upon the poolside area to give their time, energy and resources in hopes of dazzling us with some of the most creative parties ever seen. Any individual, group, club, or organization may apply to host a party at CONvergence.

Apply to Host a Party

Click here for the CONvergence 2018 Party Application.

The CONvergence 2018 party application will be open from January 13, 2018 to March 31, 2018. Please be aware that your application is not complete until you receive the confirmation page. Submitting an application does not guarantee your party will be approved or assigned a poolside cabana room.

Party room acceptance and assignment emails will be sent to party hosts by April 15, 2018. Please wait until after April 16, 2018 to sent inquiries regarding party acceptance.

If you have any questions, please contact the CONvergence Room Parties Department.

Party Host Information

Below is CONvergence 2017 party host information for your reference. CONvergence 2018 party host information will be available soon.

Party hosts should be aware of and prepared to comply with all CONvergence Party Policies.

CONvergence 2017 will cover the first $200 of the DoubleTree by Hilton’s bed removal fee for CONvergence 2017 parties. This is NOT a reimbursement and applies to the DoubleTree by Hilton’s bed removal fee only.

Each party may allocate up to a total of 150 volunteer hours to its volunteers. Individual volunteers are limited to receiving a total of 15 volunteer hours from any and all parties, and may not accumulate more than 15 volunteer hours via party volunteering in any given convention year, even if volunteering for multiple parties.

CONvergence Parties will employ a voucher system utilizing physical tickets in order to make it as easy as possible for party hosts to distribute volunteer hours. Each party will receive 150 tickets which may be redeemed for 1 volunteer hour per 1 ticket. Party hosts may distribute the tickets to party room volunteers, who may then take their tickets to a CONvergence Parties Department Co-Head, or their designate, to exchange for a signature on their volunteer card crediting them with CONvergence volunteer hours relative to their tickets. The CONvergence Parties Department will retain all redeemed tickets for reconciliation purposes. Volunteer credit will only be recognized in full hours. It is the party host’s discretion to round partial hours up or down (i.e. 5 minutes can be rounded down to 0 hours, or 45 minutes could be rounded up to 1 hour.) Cut, ripped or otherwise altered tickets may not be honored.

Please note that all party rooms, first floor porches, and second floor balconies must be wheelchair accessible. If you would like information about how to make your party room accessible and inclusive, please contact CONvergence Accessibility and Inclusion.

Parties may not offer anything in exchange for a vote in the CONvergence 2017 Party Room Awards.

Funding Your Party

There are many ways to raise funding for a convention party. Fundraising options for CONvergence parties include:

  • A fundraiser within your own group or organization
  • Use of funds from garage sales, bake sales, auctions, etc.
  • Crowdfunding (using the platform of the party’s choice)
  • Personal funding from an individual or group
  • Sponsorship from local businesses or organizations (See below)

Businesses or organizations that wish to formally sponsor a party at CONvergence are considered sponsors. All sponsors must be approved in advance by CONvergence. If your party has found a potential sponsor, please contact the CONvergence Room Parties Department with information about your sponsor to be sent to the CONvergence Board of Directors for final approval. CONvergence does not pursue sponsorships on behalf of individual parties, match party rooms with sponsors, or lend its tax ID number to party hosts. All CONvergence Party Policies still apply to party sponsors and sponsored parties.

2018 Parties

For more information on CONvergence 2018 parties, see the Parties page!

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments about hosting a party at CONvergence, please contact the CONvergence Parties Department.

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