CVG-TV is CONvergence’s closed-circuit television channel, broadcast in the DoubleTree by Hilton during the convention.  CVG-TV brings CONvergence Mainstage events, exclusive CONvergence content, and more directly to your hotel room!


CVG-TV is on channel 10 in all DoubleTree by Hilton hotel rooms during the convention. CVG-TV begins broadcasting in the hotel on Wednesday afternoon and ends on Monday morning.

CVG-TV is also streamed online Thursday through Sunday during the convention. Click Here to watch the CVG-TV live stream.


The following CONvergence 2016 events will feature live captioning on CVG-TV:

Other CVG-TV content may be captioned. If you have question or request regarding captioning on CVG-TV, please contact CONvergence Accessibility & Inclusion.

CVG-TV on Youtube

CVG-TV is just one of three Youtube channels full of great CONvergence content, allowing you to watch videos from past years of CONvergence any time you want!

Submit to CVG-TV

CVG-TV welcomes submissions for air during the convention! Please use this form to send us your video content.

All video submissions to CVG-TV must be made by 11:59pm on June 10, 2016.

Submissions may include:

  • Advertisements for CONvergence parties, performances, panels, vendors in the Dealers Room, artists in Art show and Artists Alley, or ads from our Community Partners.
  • Public Service Announcements relevant to the CONvergence community.
  • Short Films produced by members and/or supporters of the CONvergence community.
  • Feature Films produced by members and/or supporters of the CONvergence community.
  • Music Videos produced by members and/or supporters of the CONvergence community.

CVG-TV Submission Guidelines:

  • LENGTH: Depends on content type
    • Ads – 30 sec or 60 sec only
    • PSAs – can be as long as 10 min, but please be brief
    • Short & Feature films – varies
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Your video should be captioned. Not only will this allow deaf/hearing impaired members of our community to enjoy your video, but it will allow your video to be understood in noisy environments such as ConSuite or parties too.
  • CODEC: H.264 QuickTime widescreen (16:9)
  • FILE NAME : [name of event]+[days of desired broadcast at CONvergence]+2015
    • Examples –,
  • FILE TRANSFER: We prefer a DropBox or Google Docs public sharing link. Please make the video file available through July 3rd, 2016.

Good Advice:

  • Make sure any text in your video stays on the screen long enough for viewers to read it!
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Often a shorter, punchier video is more effective and entertaining than a longer, indulgent one.
  • Avoid using copyrighted music in your video unless you are the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder.

Please Note…

  • We reserve the right to decline submitted material.
  • Those looking for assistance in creating their videos might try the CONvergence Facebook groups. CVG-TV does not have personnel available to help produce members’ videos.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about CONvergence’s at-con broadcast service, please contact CVG-TV.

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