Community Partners

CONvergence belongs to a much larger community and seeks to establish partnerships within that community to share news, resources and creativity. If your organization is interested in becoming a CONvergence Community Partner, contact the CONvergence Directors.


CONvergence is proud to partner with a variety of local organizations!

Geek Partnership Society (GPS)

Founded in 1998 as MiSFiTS (the Minnesota Society for the Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy), the Geek Partnership Society has established a tradition of year-round programs by and for local geeks. GPS is an all volunteer organization dedicated to expanding science education and reaching out to our community to add more programs and more resources all the time.

Anime Twin Cities/Anime Detour

Anime Twin Cities is a non-profit established to conduct educational, charitable and social activities related to the promotion and study of Japanese culture, specifically animated movies and television programs (“anime”) and graphic novels (“manga”) as well as the study of the Japanese language as it is used in anime and manga.

Stand Up! Records

Home of some of the best stand-up comedians on the planet, our partnership with Dan Schlissel and the folks at Stand Up! Records ensure the laughter at Harmonic CONvergence and Mainstage is overflowing…and they throw a wicked-fun room party! Please check out their talents and be sure to tell them how much you are glad they play in our sandbox.

Joking Envelope

Comedian Joseph Scrimshaw and the good people at Joking Envelope, producing comedic live theater, independent film and corporate entertainment since 2009.

Fallout Shelter Arcade

Fallout Shelter Arcade is an independent operator of Virtual World® Tesla II System™ simulator cockpits . Their BattleTech pod game simulators have appeared at CONvergence since 2010 . The arcade has 12 battle pods, and is located at 451 NE Taft St, Suite L4, Minneapolis . Hours are Saturday and Sunday, 1-7pm.

Vilification Tennis

What’s funnier than watching other people sling coarse insults at each other? Nothing, except maybe your mom. That’s right, Vilification Tennis is not ashamed of “going there”. Learn more about this unique show at and come see Vilification Tennis perform at CONvergence or sometime at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

North Star Roller Girls

The North Star Roller Girls have already competed in this year’s championship bout, but it’s never too early to get psyched up for next year! Visit for bout schedule, info about how to play roller derby, and a gallery of photobooth photos taken at this year’s bouts.

Fearless Comedy

Founded in July of 2012, Fearless Comedy Productions consists of 12 founding members and 8 partner companies, including such CONvergence favorites as The Dregs, Geeks Without God, and Vilification Tennis. As the connecting hub for a variety of different partner companies, Fearless is able to produce comedy in many different genres, including internet content, podcasts, music, video, and theater. The company strives to produce comedy without limits and to help each performer and producer find their unique voice.

Minnesota School of Business

The Minnesota School of Business provides CONvergence with student videographers and editors to help produce CONvergence videos.

Maximum Verbosity

Now in its thirteenth season, Maximum Verbosity (spearheaded by playwright, poet, and storyteller phillip andrew bennett low, along with many collaborators) continues to produce work in a wide variety of mediums including books, plays, and storytelling, and genres including comedy, drama, and general audience discomfort. Maximum Verbosity productions are marked with a special focus on the intersection of language (big words), mythology (Sun Wu-Kong, Dionysos, and JLA kinda stuff), and parentheses (and parentheses within parentheses (where necessary)). Check out what’s going on with Maximum Verbosity at any given moment on

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