Other Events

Other Events featured annually on the CONvergence Mainstage include live music and CONvergence Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremony

CONvergence Opening Ceremony is quite an event. In addition to useful information for helping you navigate the convention, Opening Ceremony features special comedy productions, a fun narrative involving the CONvergence Mascots and the convention theme, a pass around game, and, of course, an introduction to the Guests of Honor.


Live Musical Performances

Bands and other musical performers with a large draw are featured on the CONvergence Mainstage. Check the CONvergence Schedule to see who is playing this year!

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Closing Ceremony

Like Opening Ceremony, CONvergence Closing Ceremony is a big production featuring entertainment, more narrative fun from the CONvergence Mascots, and closing thoughts from the Guests of Honor and CONvergence directors & staff.


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