Poetry Slam

Vogon poetry. Bilbo’s Walking Song. Nevermore. Nerds have words, and the CONvergence Poetry Slam is to celebrate those words and those nerds in an exciting competitive format! Show up, sign up, and if the lottery gods are kind, you (yes, you) may be drawn to read two three-minute poems.

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The CONvergence 2017 Poetry Slam takes place 7:00pm on Friday of the convention in Harmonic CONvergence.

Participate in the Poetry Slam

For a chance to participate in the CONvergence 2017 Poetry Slam, you must register at the Poetry Slam Registration Table just outside Harmonic CONvergence.

Poetry Slam Registration Table Hours
Friday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

(If you are unable to register in person because of a conflict, contact CONvergence Poetry Slam and let us know.)

Please note that Poetry Slam participants are determined by random lottery, so registration for the event does not necessarily guarantee a performance slot. Also, you must be a registered member of CONvergence to compete in the CONvergence 2017 Poetry Slam.

Poetry Slam Rules

Slam is the art of competitive poetry. There are a few rules to keep in mind.

  • Your poem and performance will be judged by five celebrity judges selected before the show. They will score each performance from 0.0 to 10.0 (10.0 being the highest). The high and low scores are dropped and the three scores in the middle are added together. This sum is your score for the round.
  • There will be two rounds. Each poet is given three minutes. Poems written in parts (e.g. eight haiku about Game of Thrones) are allowed if they are performed as one piece.
  • Poets must perform original work. Sampling a part of another person’s poem within your own is allowed. (For example, if you quote a line from Edgar Allan Poe, you can still perform that poem. However, if Poe wrote the poem and you include a quote from you, you cannot.)
  • Each performance is limited to three minutes. After three minutes and a ten second grace period, your overall score will be penalized. Time penalties are half a point for every ten seconds you go over. For example: if your performance is 3:09:29, you are in the clear. If it is 3:10:01, 0.5 points will be deducted from your score. If it is 3:42:05, then you will have 2.0 points deducted, etc.
  • You cannot use props, special costumes, or musical accompaniment. (Exceptions will of course be made if you happen to already be in costume for the rest of the convention!) As awesome as it might be, you cannot break out the kazoo or bring a beat loop. However, you can beat box, make armpit noises, whistle, or sing.


If you have any questions about the CONvergence 2017 Poetry Slam or spoken word at CONvergence generally, please contact CONvergence Poetry Slam.

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