Click here to register online for CONvergence! If you’ve registered for CONvergence online previously, use the same account you did last time. (Your username is your email address.) If you have never registered for CONvergence online, try clicking the “I forgot my password” link and entering your email address before creating a new account! It’s likely that you’re already in the system if you’ve ever attended CONvergence in the past.

If you plan to register at the door, you will do so in the same location as Badge Pick-up.

2017 Registration Rates

Adult 18+ Ages 13 – 17 Ages 6 – 12 Ages 5 and Under
Until Jan 15th, 2017 – 11:59pm $60 $40 $20 Free
Until June 1, 2017 – 11:59pm $75 $40 $20 Free
At The Door
June 2, 2017 through July 9, 2017
$120 $60 $30 Free

Click here to register online for CONvergence!

CONvergence does not issue 1-Day Badges. It costs the same to attend for one day as it does for all four days. For more information about membership badges, check out Badge Pick-up!

2017 Policies to Note

  • 2017 Registrations will not accept personal checks.
  • Acceptable forms of payment for At The Door registrations are cash and credit cards until closing time each day.
  • 2017 Registrations will be limited to 3 “Guest Of” membership badges.
  • Register by Jan 15th, 2017 to be eligible for the hotel lottery.

Please contact the CONvergence Registration Department  with any questions regarding registration.

Verifying your Membership

If you registered for a CONvergence membership online, you should have received a confirmation email stating your registration was completed. This email is only sent to the purchaser, or person who paid for the registrations, NOT to each registrant.

To view your registration information, login with your email address here. After you are logged in, you will have the option to change details such as your contact information, preferred name, membership badge name and emergency contact information. For assistance, see our page on Using the Registration System.

If you have a question about your membership or CONvergence registration, please contact the CONvergence Registration Department.

Transferring your Membership

CONvergence memberships are not refundable, but you may transfer your registration to someone else.

  • Ahead of time: You may transfer your membership to another person prior to the convention for no fee via CONvergence’s Membership Registration System. This option is available until the Wednesday before the convention. For assistance, see our page on Using the Registration System.
  • At the Convention: You may transfer your membership to another person at the convention by appearing in person at Badge Pick-up, or by providing the transferee with an email stating approval of transfer to the new owner with the new owner’s contact information. There will be a $20 fee for transferring your membership at the convention.
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