Located on the 2nd floor in CONvergence Central (near MainStage), you will find official CONvergence merchandise! You can take home Connie, Connie Mark 2, and the rest of the CONvergence Mascots on water bottles, messenger bags, pins, hoodies, polos, t-shirts, and more! We stock new swag with new designs each year!


CONvergence Merchandise Hours

  • Thursday Noon – 6:00pm
  • Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

CONvergence 2016 Merchandise

Check out all the cool new CONvergence swag for 2015!

CONvergence 2016 Mid Year T-Shirt

Man and Woman modeling t-shirts featuring Connie dressed as Link, riding a horse. CONvergence Logo made to look like Zelda logo.

Unisex Small  6X $23
Women’s V-Neck Small  2X $23
Youth $23

CONvergence 2016 At-Con T-Shirt

T-shirt with Connie riding Falkor through a Stargate

Unisex Small  6X $23
Women’s Crew Neck Small  2X $23

CONvergence Dice

multicolored D6 and D10 dice with Connie and Connie Mark 2 heads on them

6-sided $1
10-sided $1

CONvergence Dice Bag

Small red drawstring bag with CONvergence logo

Drawstring Dice Bag $7

CONvergence Gaming Bundle

CONvergence dice and dice bag in one image

Dice Bag, 3d6,2d10 $10

CONvergence Geek Life Hoodie

CONvergence Hoodie showing COnnie wearing pieces of different cosplays; reads "Geek Life" under her feet

Unisex S  6X $35

CoF2EIcy Travel Tumbler

Green travel mug with CoF2E2 art in purple

Stylish! $10

CONvergence Leather Laptop Bag

leather laptop bag with CONevrgence logo stamped into a leather rectangle

Perfect for travel! $35

CONvergence Oxford Shirt

man modeling blue button-down long sleve shirt with CONvergence logo on the left breast area

Unisex XS  4X $27
Women’s XS  4X $27

Connie Mark 2 Lapel Pin

close up of enamel lapel pin depicting Connie Mark 2

“All meat babies look better with Mark 2” $5

CONvergence Bib

white bib with purple border. Winking Connie printed in purple in the middle of the bib. Says "CVG" under Connie.

For your tiny geek! $7

CONvergence 2015 Merchandise

You can still get Merchandise from CONvergence 2015!

CONvergence 2015 Mid Year T-Shirt

2015 at-con t-shirt featuring Portal art

Unisex Small  6X $22
Women’s Small  2X $22

CONvergence 2015 At Con T-Shirt

CONvergence 2015 At-con T-Shirt, "LITTLE SISTER IS WATCHING YOU"

Unisex Small  6X $22
Women’s Small  2X $22

CONvergence Mark 2 Shot Glass

Connie Mark 2 CVG Shot Glass

“Bottoms up, meat babies!” $5

CONvergence Alumni Shot Glass

CONvergence alumni shot glass

CONvergence Class of 1999 – 2015. $5

Connie Mark 2 CVG Deluxe Red Badge Holder

Deluxe Connie Mark 2 Badge Holder

Talk about style! $3

CONvergence CVG Tote Bag

CONvergence tote bag

Carry all the things! $2

Connie Mark 2 CVG Temporary Tattoo

Connie Mark 2 temp tattoo

Glows in the Dark! 2/$1

CONvergence 2014 Merchandise

You can still get Merchandise from CONvergence 2014!

CONvergence 2014 Mid Year T-Shirt

CONvergence 2014 Mid Year T-Shirt

Unisex Small  2XL $17
Women’s Small  2XL $17

CONvergence 2014 At Con T-Shirt

CONvergence 2014 At-Con T-Shirt

Unisex Small  2XL $23
Women’s V-neck Small  2XL $23

 CONvergence CVG Tank Top

CONvergence 2014 Tank Tops

Men’s Small  XL $15
Women’s Small  XL $15

CONvergence Work Shirt

CONvergence Work Shirt

Unisex Small  5XL $20

CONvergence Alumni Sweatshirt

CONvergence Alumni Sweatshirts

Unisex Small  5XL $20

CONvergence Sweatpants

CONvergence Sweatpants

Unisex Small  2XL $20

CONvergence Alumni T-Shirt

CONvergence Alumni T-Shirt

Youth Extra Small  XL $10

CONvergence Alumni Travel Mug

CONvergence Alumni Travel Mug

Perfect for CoF2E2! $5

Connie CVG Temporary Tattoo

CVG Temporary Tattoo
Glows in the Dark! 2/$1

More CONvergence Swag

There is even more cool CONvergence swag available as a special thank you to volunteers. Check out this year’s Volunteer Perks!

Questions & Comments

Have questions or comments about CONvergence Merchandise? Contact the Merchandise Department!

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