Recommend a Guest of Honor

We love getting recommendations for Guests of Honor from you, the CONvergence membership. After all, you’re the people we bring these awesome guests in to meet! Please use the form below to tell us who you would like to see as a Guest of Honor in future years.

Per CONvergence policy, we don’t pay appearance fees to Guests of Honor. If you would like to see a guest at CONvergence who charges an appearance fee, check out how to invite Fan-Featured Guests.

Please be aware that it may take a few years for us to be able to consider or act upon a Guest of Honor recommendation, as we only have a limited number of Guest of Honor slots per year. We have much more room each year for Invited Participants, so that is another option you may want to explore.

If you have direct contact information for your Guest of Honor recommendation or their representative, that makes it more likely for us to be able to invite that person. We have found that using [email protected] email addresses or making random phone calls to managers or agents rarely gets us a response.

Thanks so much and we look forward to learning about the potential Guests of Honor you want to see at CONvergence!

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