Also Appearing

In addition to current and alumni Guests of Honor, CONvergence welcomes many professionals each year to participate in our programming, panels and events.

Alumni Guests of Honor

  • Cam Banks
  • Emma Bull
  • C. Robert Cargill
  • Bill Corbett
  • Paul Cornell
  • Denise Garner
  • Emily Hagins
  • Lee Harris
  • Christopher Jones
  • Jim Kakalios
  • Brian Keene
  • Troy LaFaye
  • Bridget Landry
  • Scott Lynch
  • Kelly McCullough
  • Lyda Morehouse
  • Joseph Scrimshaw
  • Gordon Smuder
  • Vincent Truitner
  • Bryan Thao Worra

2017 Invited Participants

Becoming an Invited Participant

Industry professionals or other qualified experts who present their credentials to CONvergence may be extended an invitation to be a CONvergence Invited Participant. All Invited Participants are expected to be willing to participate in a minimum of three panels or events during the course of the convention. For more information on Invited Participants, please see the CONvergence Guests & Invited Participants policy.

Click Here for the application to be an invited participant at CONvergence 2017.

Please contact the Invited Participants department if you have any questions about Invited Participants at CONvergence.

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