Safe Space

Your physical, intellectual, and emotional security is important to CONvergence. Safe Space is available throughout the convention. You may also be interested in checking CONvergence’s accessibility page, how to report harassment, and CONvergence policies.


CONvergence should be an experience of universal physical safety; a place free from harassment and harassing behaviors; a space that is open minded, inclusive, and accepting of all people and all forms of geekdom. However, CONvergence is also a community that allows for individuals to engage in respectful discussion of controversial topics and ideas, and to play with concepts that may push against some comfort boundaries so long as they do not create any direct threats to other members.

What is CONvergence Safe Space?Connie smiling with text that reads "SAFE SPACE"

Designated CONvergence “Safe Spaces” are locations within the convention that are or can be made to be places of heightened physical, intellectual, and/or emotional security. If a member needs or desires help to feel that security, these locations either have volunteers present or will be able to call volunteers to the location to assist anyone who is feeling harassed or threatened. Designated Safe Space locations are a promise that assistance will be provided to anyone who seeks it, without judgement and without expressions of doubt.

CONvergence 2017 Safe Spaces

To find Safe Space during the CONvergence convention, simply look for CONvergence-branded signage that says “Safe Space”.

Officially designated Safe Space for CONvergence 2017:
In the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel:

In the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel:

Safe spaces are all marked on CONvergence 2017 maps.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions about Safe Space, please contact CONvergence Operations or stop by the Bridge during the convention.

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