Connie’s Quantum Sandbox needs YOU! …And Ponies.

With an emphasis on hands-on, interactive events, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox seeks to engage CONvergence members of all ages with fun and exciting experiences. This includes arts and crafts, science experiments, and more!

Like everything else at CONvergence, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is run entirely by volunteers, and the activities you enjoy every year are sourced from member suggestions! How cool is that?

Connie as Uncle SamSuggest an Activity for the Quantum Sandbox

Do you have a great idea for an activity in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox? An arts or crafts project? A science or cooking demo? Something for small kids? Something for late night? Something for young and old alike? Connie’s Quantum Sandbox wants to hear from you!

Activities must be safe for novices, not violate any laws or hotel rules, and generally should not take longer than an hour to complete.

Please use this form to suggest activities for CONvergence 2015!

Want to be EVEN MORE involved in the Quantum Sandbox fun? You can also become an activity leader!

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox needs… PONIES??

Do you have any My Little Pony-type figures that you no longer need? Maybe they’re damaged beyond restoration from years of toddler exposure, or they’re sitting in a box, in your basement, all-but-forgotten.

My Little Pony Toys

My Little Pony Toys (via Gushi Soda)

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is seeking donations of vinyl My Little Pony-type figures, which will be used in an art activity at CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood. The ponies can be in any condition—used, played with, damaged, etc.

Specifically, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox wants used ponies. Remember, these are for an art project. You will not be getting the ponies back. You don’t need to purchase anything new, and please do not donate treasured toys. However, if you find some cheap, used pony toys at a thrift store and would like to donate those to the Quantum Sandbox, it would be much appreciated!

If you have Ponies to donate, please contact Connie’s Quantum Sandbox!

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