Sandbox Activity Leaders

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is an interactive crafting, activity, and demonstration area always looking for enthusiastic individuals to lead craft projects & activities, assist members with crafts and activities, or perform demonstrations. We strongly support activities that rely on low-cost, donation, and up-cycled supplies. We are also always seeking extra volunteers to assist with activity set-up and tear-down and general room help, and we are happy if you bring your own helpers for activities. If you have any questions about helping out in the Sandbox, please contact Connie’s Quantum Sandbox.

2018 Sandbox Activities

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is always looking for leaders and assistants for activities we would like to host at CONvergence. If you’d like to volunteer as an activity leader or assistant, please contact Connie’s Quantum Sandbox. If you have an idea for an activity you’d like to lead, please read below.

CONvergence badge is required to participate in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox, so you’ll want to register for CONvergence as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Suggesting an Activity or Demonstration

Please use this form to suggest Connie’s Quantum Sandbox activities or demonstrations.

We are especially interested in activity and demonstration suggestions that relate to the CONvergence 2016: …And how to we GET there? theme of transportation in science fiction and fantasy. We have minimal tools for use; specialty tools for activities and demonstrations can not be provided. Please be mindful that Connie’s Quantum Sandbox operates on donations for the majority of our project supplies, and we look forward to cost effective, yet fun activities and demonstrations that relate to the convention’s theme.

Submit your suggestions early to be included in possible activities for CONvergence 2018!

Don’t forget to include the following information:

  • A panel title for the activity or demonstration
  • Your contact information
  • A description of the activity or demonstration (include both a description up to 254 characters for the schedule and a longer description to help Sandbox staff understand your proposal)
  • Materials or special setup that will be required for the activity or demonstration
  • Any materials that you are willing to provide yourself
  • Pre-con prep-work needed, and links to online resources for instruction
  • Estimated time for activity completion (must fit in 1-hour time-slot; extended time determined as needed by Connie’s Quantum Sandbox)
  • Whether the activity will require assistants or additional helpers


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