Connie’s Quantum Sandbox

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Welcome to the Sandbox

Do you love creating art, doing science projects, or just getting your hands dirty? With an emphasis on hands-on, interactive events, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox seeks to engage CONvergence members of all ages with fun and exciting experiences! You can participate in our scheduled activities or make use of our Mini Projects and Kids Magnet tables, which are available on a first-come-first-serve basis during specific hours of operation.

Hours & Schedule

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox activities and hours can be found on the CONvergence Schedule.

Get Involved

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is always looking for Sandbox Activity Leaders and Assistants! Visit our Activity Leader page for more information on volunteering in the Sandbox!

Want to suggest an activity or donate supplies? Do you have questions or comments about the Sandbox? Contact Connie’s Quantum Sandbox!

Please Note

  • Lines may get long, so be prepared to wait patiently. In the event that Connie’s Quantum Sandbox reaches activity capacity, everyone will be alerted as soon as possible do you can choose to go to another panel if you wish.
  • All participants for scheduled activities MUST leave the room at the scheduled end-time. We have to clean the room and prepare for the next activity within a 30 minute window and this prep work is not possible unless members vacate the space.
    • If you are using the Mini Project or Kids Magnet table, you will not be asked to leave unless we are preparing for an After-Dark activity.
    • Scheduled activity participants are not allowed to use the Mini or Kids tables for continued work.
    • All members using the Mini Project or Kid’s Magnet tables MUST get in line if they wish to participate in our schedule activities.
  • Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is a multi-age venue, but does not provide childcare and is not a good place to leave unattended children under the age of 10. There are crafting and science items in the Sandbox space that can be harmful if used improperly. If children under 10 are found unattended, they will be escorted to the Bridge until their lost parents are located.
    • If your child is under the age of 18, you may receive a call from the Bridge to make sure they are able to participate in our activities. This typically happens is if demonstrative behavior by the child is questionable to Connie’s Quantum Sandbox staff, especially in the context of a given activity’s age requirements.
    • After-Dark activities often require parent supervision or a photo ID to attend. For activities that require adult supervision, no one under 18 is admitted without parental supervision. For other After-Dark activities, no admittance is allowed without proper photo ID for persons 18 years or older. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • It’s important to respect others and their property. Most of our supplies come from donations, and many of our tools are borrowed from convention staff. We do not tolerate theft or vandalism in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox.
  • The Sandbox is NOT equipped to help with costume construction. This cannot be stressed enough. If you come to the Sandbox expecting us to help you fix your Cosplay, well, you have come to the wrong department. You’re probably better off asking for costume triage help on CONverence’s social media channels.

Professor Max MisfittleAllergy Warning

Some of the events in the Sandbox (namely those that involve costuming and face- or body-painting) will probably involve the use of latex. Latex can cause allergic reactions in some individuals – please know your own sensitivity to latex and be prepared to take action should you come in contact with latex while in the Sandbox. The Sandbox staff will make every effort to keep the latex isolated while it is not in use, but we encourage our patrons to be safe and as cautious as necessary. If you have questions on latex use, feel free to ask one of the Sandbox staff members.

We also feature activities that have food products as part of the activity. Some of these food products may contain peanuts or other tree nut products, gluten, lactose, or other ingredients that can trigger food allergies. As with all our supplies, we make every effort to keep our food inventory isolated while it is not in use, but we encourage our patrons to be safe and as cautious as necessary. If you have questions about these activities, or the ingredients we use, feel free to ask one of the Sandbox staff members.

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