2017 Harmonic CONvergence


  • 5:30pm6:30pm Morgan and Maren: SlytherPuff
    Slytherpuff perform original songs based on their favorite fandoms. Their songs range from party music to heartfelt ballads, based on fandom favorites like Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Trek, and more.
  • 7:00pm 8:00pm The Fandom Menace
    Stepping out of the airlock into the void left by the Nick Atoms, The Fandom Menace brings a new twist to classic SF & fantasy themes from Rocky Horror, Buckaroo Banzai, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Labyrinth, Flash Gordon, Red Dwarf, John Williams, and more.
  • 8:30pm9:30pm Karl Brown
    Scatological songs, Atari and toy piano. Karl Brown has been writing comedy songs over the past decade, performing them at MarsCon, FuMPFeST and other venues. Recordings have been heard on the Dr. Demento Show, The FuMP Sideshow, and Mad Music.
  • 10:00pm11:00pm SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE
    MC, Poet, Producer, and Educator performing Boom Bap Xicanx (Chicano) Futurism. Exploring future wastelands and cityscapes full of watch bots, sci-fi updated chupacabras, and chainsaw-handed, fire-eyed peace droids.
  • 11:30pm12:30am Lyritics Presents: Geek Nation
    Lyritics (Leer-a-tiks) is a nerd-core hip-hop trio based out of Minneapolis. Opening for Lyritics will be Mr. Rogers & The Make Believe Friends.


  • 11:00amNoon Candles Enough
    Candles Enough are a female filk and parody duo, eclectic in music and styles, swinging from as filky as filky gets to straight-up pop covers. And then the parodies. They do a lot of parodies, singing in tight harmonies and performing with a single guitar. Check out their YouTube channel!
  • 12:30pm1:30pm Tanya Brody
    Harper-Singer-Songwriter. With the voice of an angel and the heart of a poet, Tanya Brody makes both traditional and original songs come to life and touch the soul.
  • 2:30pm3:30pm TryForce
    Three piece nerdy pop culture cover band from the Twin Cities. Through drums, bass, and saxophone, they cover all kinds of video game, movie, TV show, and popular theme songs.
  • 4:00pm5:00pm Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters
    Filky geeky progressive rock. Beth writes unique and complex original songs about everything from fantasy literature to video games to Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica and beyond. Her band’s current project is a concept album inspired by Joseph Campbell’s theories of the Hero’s Journey.
  • 5:30pm6:30pm Ionosphere Casting Shadows
    High-tech guitar ambience and dream-like interludes. When does a guitar not sound like a guitar? Todd Madson’s super relaxing ambient guitar soundscapes appears once more to provide a soothing alternative to the sometimes frenetic con atmosphere.
  • 7:00pm9:00pm The CONvergence Poetry Slam
    Vogon poetry. Bilbo’s Walking Song. Nevermore. Nerds have words, and the CONvergence Poetry Slam is to celebrate those words and those nerds in an exciting competitive format! Show up, sign up, and if the lottery gods are kind, you (yes, you) may be drawn to read two three-minute poems.
  • 9:00pm10:00pm Kristopher Karter
    Kristopher Carter performs his new EDM tracks live!
  • 10:00pm11:00pm Genius Pi
    A masterful music manipulation of epic proportions! Genius Pi, led by Zummy, is a St. Louis based nerdcore band who is always ready to rock your socks while you gawk and squawk! The agenda? Hit every genre of music known to man and beast.
  • 11:30pm12:30am Revenge of the Nerdlesque (18+)
    The nerdiest burlesque artists of the Twin Cities return to the HarmCon stage with a vengeance for another round of geek-infused burlesque and cabaret performance art! See characters from con-loved movies, tv, books and comics in a whole new light.


  • 11:00amNoon Alabaster Stratocaster
    Featuring collaborator of 20 years, Bless the Machines. Enjoy some awesome sci-fi music and a mesmerizingly weird alien dancer. Blend of live acoustic guitar singer-songwriter songs with prerecorded highly produced space operas.
  • 12:30pm1:30pm Boys Don’t Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses
    This comedy storytelling dorkfest will tickle you with real life observations from the geek perspective and fog up your glasses with torrid tales of nerd romance. Wait, did we say torrid? We meant awkward, embarrassing and unrequited.
  • 2:00pm3:00pm The Leprechaun Pirates
    Arrgh Begorah! Here be the Leprechaun Pirates! A Folk-punk Renaissance festival band. A merry band of singing pirates cursed to take the form of leprechauns. Check them out on Facebook!
  • 3:30pm4:30pm The Faithful Sidekicks
    Award winning songwriting/performing Acoustic Geek Comedy Rock duo plays funny original songs about the geeky stuff they love, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, coffee, cats, computers and more. Find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter!
  • 5:00pm6:00pm Geek Comedy Showcase (18+)
    Featuring Aiden, and Peter the Great. This show is not for kids! Find Peter the Great on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • 7:00pm8:00pm Feng Shui Ninjas
    The Feng Shui Ninjas have survived attempted murder, mutilation, attempts to escape, and the Little Mermaid treatment over the past year, and triumphantly return to the HarmCon stage to, um… well, it’s likely to surprise us too!
  • 8:30pm9:30pm Ben San Del
    Slacker robots, suicidal ghosts, interactive tombstones and disapproving gargoyles — a four-time Minnesota Fringe Festival Audience Pick encore winner performs original stories on these and other near-future/supernatural speculations.
  • 10:00pm11:00pm StarF
    Comedy infused nerdcore hip-hop. Come witness the magic of a local performer shouting songs about the internet, video games, taking selfies, and everything in between.
  • 11:30pm12:30am The Dregs
    The Dregs are a musical comedy act that combine irreverent versions of traditional folk music with their own original songs like ‘Pissing off the Geeks’ and ‘Satan Planted Dinosaur Bones.’
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