Attention Amateur Artists at CONvergence! Are you the next MasterArtist?

2014 MasterArtist Winner Jacklyn Hedlund

2014 MasterArtist Winner Jacklyn Hedlund

MasterArtist will return for CONvergence 2015!

MasterArtist was a huge success at CONvergence 2014 and is looking for its next champion. Patterened after the MasterChef competition, we would like to again invite all amateur artists attending the convention to compete for the title of MasterArtist at CONvergence 2015!

MasterArtist participants are given a theme around which they are chellenged to create a piece of art within a time limit. The mediums available for this year’s competition are painting and drawing. Artists may select which medium suits them best for the challenge.

CONvergence 2015’s MasterArtist competition will judged by CONvergence 2015 Guest of Honor Chad Frey, former CONvergence Guest of Honor Ruth Thompson, and local webcomic artist Daniel Mohr.

The CONvergence 2015 MasterArtist will win a trophy, have their art displayed in the CONvergence 2015 Art Show, and be invited to participate in CONvergence’s Art: Impossible on Sunday.

Amateurs are considered those who do not make a living off their art, and who create art mostly for fun.

Think you have what it takes to be the CONvergence 2015 MasterArtist?

To be eligible, please submit a sample of your artwork to [email protected] with “MasterArtist” in the subject line by June 21, 2015. The best amateurs will be selected from entries received and given the chance to win the CONvergence 2015 MasterArtist title and trophy.  Come join us, have fun, and become the new MasterArtist!

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