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Connie’s Quantum Sandbox Wants Your Feedback

If you participated in any of the varied programming available in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox, they would like you to head over to the Sandbox page and take a brief survey.

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Connie’s Quantum Sandbox needs YOU! …And Ponies.

My Little Pony Toys

With an emphasis on hands-on, interactive events, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox seeks to engage CONvergence members of all ages with fun and exciting experiences. This includes arts and crafts, science experiments, and more! Like everything else at CONvergence, Connie’s Quantum Sandbox

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CONvergence 2014 Programming Features

Here are a few programming features/announcements that you might want to know going into your CONvergence 2014 weekend! Of course, there is more awesome programming at the convention than any one person could enjoy in a weekend, and you can

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Connie’s Quantum Sandbox Volunteer Opportunities

Connie’s Quantum Sandbox is looking for volunteers to lead and assist with some of the activities we would like to host at CONvergence 2014. Please click on the link and see if you have any skills you would like to

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