First Advisors

CONvergence always has First Advisors on duty to assist in the event of medical emergencies. The First Advisors Room is at The Bridge.

Connie as Redshirt - webFirst Advisors Room

The First Advisors Room offers the following resources available free for all CONvergence members who need them.

  • First aid supplies including band-aids, over-the-counter pain medication, and ice packs
  • A refrigerator to store your medication for the day
  • A controlled space to see to your own medical needs

First Advisors Room Hours

Thursday 8:00am – 24HRS
Friday 24HRS – 24HRS
Saturday 24HRS – 24HRS
Sunday 24HRS – 7:00pm

Emergency Aid

In the event of an emergency, contact The Bridge right away. The Bridge is the central operations center for the convention and volunteers there will arrange for assistance quickly, coordinating with First Advisors, convention staff, DoubleTree by Hilton staff and any outside agencies (Police, Paramedics, etc) that may need to be called.

Contacting the Bridge

You have several options for contacting the Bridge at any time during the convention.

  • By phone: Call or text 651.800.1677 (651 800 1 OPS).
  • Wandering Hosts: Flag down staff wearing purple vests for help or to radio in to The Bridge.
  • In person: Walk-in to The Bridge in Nine Mile Grill, next to the DoubleTree by Hilton’s front desk.


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Questions & Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the First Advisors Room or emergency aid at CONvergence, please contact CONvergence First Advisors.

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