CoF2E2 Coffee Shop

CoF2E2 Free Coffee Shop provides all the cafe beverages that you’d want to keep your convention weekend fueled, at no cost to CONvergence members!

f2e2 RGBHours & Location

Located in Cabana 115 by the swimming pool, the CoF2E2 Coffee Shop is available to help you keep your eyes open during all the excitement and fun of CONvergence.

CoF2E2 Hours
Our beloved coffee shop will open at 3:00pm on Thursday and close at 05:00pm on Sunday.

  • Thursday 3:00pm – Friday 6:00am
  • Friday Noon – Saturday 6:00am
  • Saturday Noon – Sunday 6:00am
  • Sunday Noon – 5:00pm

CoF2E2 will be closed each day from 06:00am to Noon. We appreciate your understanding!

Welcome to CoF2E2

Stop in to see our fantastic selection of specialty drinks and take advantage of the coffee shop atmosphere where you can hang out with friends or just get off your feet for a while. We have free espresso drinks in regular or decaf, coffee, tea, chai, and milk steamers. We also offer soy milk as an option for your drinks.

CoF2E2 is here to provide the liquid fuel for you to get the most out of your convention weekend! If you have any questions or comments, contact CoF2E2

Tips Donated To GEMS & Jr. GISE

Every year, CoF2e2 makes a charitable contribution to the GEMS & Jr. GISE program, in a commitment to raising the next generation with ambition. Girls and Little Guys in Engineering, Mathematics and Science host extended learning courses, youth science camps and annual tournaments for children everywhere.

Where does this meaningful money come from? YOU, of course! Every CONvergence member who donates to the CoF2E2 Coffee Shop tip jar is directly funding tomorrow’s tiny class of nerds. Pile your cash and coin into our geeky piggybank, and help us give back!

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