Masquerade Code of Conduct

All persons who enter the CONvergence Masquerade or perform on stage, visible to the audience or not, must sign the liability release form and agree to the Masquerade Code of Conduct.

Masquerade & Green Room Code of Conduct

  • Be Courteous. Remember this event is intended to be fun for the contestants, costumers, judges and
    audience. We want everyone to have a safe and entertaining time. Many people (costumers, participants, and staff) have worked long hours to bring you a great Masquerade, please be courteous to them.
  • Keep voices and other noise down, especially during the Masquerade and half-time show.
    • Remember that the Green room is just backstage and sound carries easily to the audience. If you are
      watching the presentations on the monitor, please show appreciation with hand waves rather than
      applause, remember that the Masquerade Emcee(s) are speaking before and after each presentation.
    • Remember that the halftime show performers are on stage doing their show and loud voices or other noises carry and can interrupt their show and the enjoyment of the audience.
  • Check in and Check out.
    • When you arrive for your workmanship judging and tech rehearsal, please be sure to check in with Green Room staff so that we know you have arrived and we don’t spend time looking for you.
    • When you arrive for the Masquerade also make sure to check in so that we don’t spend time looking for
      you. If you need to leave the Green Room for any reason, please be sure to check out with the Green
      Room staff and check back in when you return. Many is the time that Masquerade staff have spent time
      searching for a costume when they have already arrived or have left the Green Room for a few minutes.
  • Keep the Green Room Clean. There will be trashcans placed around the Green Room. Please use them.
    Pick up your area. Take your belongings with you after your workmanship judging and tech rehearsal and
    especially at the end of the Masquerade.
  • If you need help, ask.
    • We have Den Mothers/Costume Assistants and Green Room staff who will be happy to assist you with
      your costume if you need it.
    • If you need a safety pin, hairpin, a bit of hot glue or other small costume repair assistance, the
      Masquerade Staff has these items available and will be happy to assist you.
    • If you need help with getting a glass of water Den Mothers/Costume Assistants and Green Room staff will be happy to assist you with this.
    • If you are overheating in your costume, we have fans that a Den Mother/ Costume Assistant or Green
      Room staff member will be happy to help you move to so that you can be made more comfortable. We don’t want anyone to be passing out in their costume, that is no fun for anyone
  • Be on time.
    • The workmanship judges and the tech crew spend a long day on Saturday. If you are late for your
      scheduled times it can throw off the entire rest of the schedule. If you can’t make your scheduled times for whatever reason, let us know and we’ll make every attempt to accommodate you at another time.
    • If you are late for the Masquerade itself you may not be able to participate. Masquerade staff will make every effort to locate late entries, but we retain the right to cut your presentation if we are unable to locate you in a timely manner for the Masquerade.
  • Don’t run. We know this sounds like elementary school, but there are costumers in the green room with large and delicate costumes. If you trip and fall or even just carelessly step on something, in addition to potentially injuring yourself, you may ruin someone’s costume that they spent weeks or months making.
  • Observe the run order. Be ready when it is your turn to go on stage for your presentation. If you have a costume emergency we will attempt to accommodate, but please make every attempt to be ready.
  • Let us help you on and off the stage even if you feel you don’t need help. We have assistants backstage who are there to assist you getting on and off. It is dark backstage and we want everyone to have a safe and fun Masquerade.
  • Be sure to clearly communicate any special instructions to the technical crew and to the backstage staff. We want you to look your best on stage and to have the props and costume pieces you need to be your best.
  • Award decisions of the Judges are final.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments about the CONvergence Masquerade Code of Conduct or anything else having to do with the CONvergence Masquerade, please contact Masquerade.

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