Blood Drive

Each year, the USS Nokomis Star Trek fan club sponsors a blood drive with the American Red Cross. This will mark the 17th year that the blood drive has been held at CONvergence, with over 500 donors participating in previous years. You can save up to three lives while at CONvergence, so come and donate!

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17th Annual USS Nokomis CONvergence Blood Drive
Saturday, July 8nd 2017
10:00am to 4:00pm

Join us at the 17th annual CONvergence USS Nokomis /American Red Cross Blood Drive!

In the great tradition of blood drives at science fiction conventions throughout the country, the crew of the USS Nokomis is proud to host this year’s blood drive. Summer is a very tough time for our blood supply, as high schools are closed and donors take vacations. We have a great chance to help make up that shortage during the convention!

Please make your appointment to save up to three lives with your donation at or email Jane at [email protected] to choose your time. The Nokomis will also be taking appointments in room 107 on Thursday and Friday evenings, so stop by!

Tips for Donors

  • Sign up early so your donation doesn’t interfere with any events you’re planning to attend.
  • If you plan to wear a costume at CONvergence, make sure to design it to accommodate a bandage on your arm if necessary.
  • Make it a point to stay hydrated. CONvergence ConSuite offers soda, water, milk and, in the mornings, juice. CoF2E2 Free Coffee Shop has coffee, tea and steamers.
  • Eat something. Especially when donating blood, it’s very important to eat. CONvergence CONsuite has rice, soup, sandwiches, snacks and many other munchies.
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