CONvergence 2015 Pass Around Game: Mark 2’s Vendetta

Following in the great CONvergence tradition of pass around games such as The Cone of Shame and The Thing, CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood brings you Mark 2’s Vendetta! Lest we not forget the last time Connie Mark 2 was in charge of the convention.

Remember, remember! 
The CON’s little sister, 
The gynoids, treason and plot; 
I know of no reason 
Why the Gynoid treason 
Should ever be forgot! 
Mark 2 and her companions 
Did in 2010 contrive, 
To oust Prof Max and Connie
and Bring on the Bad Guys.

Mark 2's Vendetta game mask

Goal: When you receive the Connie Mark 2 Guy Fawkes mask (pictured), you must put it on. Wear it all the way to The Bridge to win. For successfully passing the threshold into the Bridge while wearing the mask, you will be awarded a badge ribbon!

Mark 2's Vendetta prize ribbon

  1. If you see someone wearing the mask, you can say “Remember, remember, The CON’s little sister!” and they must give you the mask, and you must put it on. They cannot take the mask back from you.
  2. If someone says, “Remember, remember, The CON’s little sister!” to you, you must cede them the mask and they must put it on. You cannot take it back from that person.
  3. Reaching The Bridge while wearing the mask earns you a badge ribbon. The Bridge is a safe zone and no one can take the mask from you there.
  4. After you receive your ribbon, you must go to ConSuite and put the mask back on, then cede it to the first person who says the line to you. This puts the mask back into play.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So, to demonstrate, here Christopher Jones has the mask. He has to try to get to The Bridge to win his badge ribbon.

Christopher Jones wearing the Mark 2's Vendetta Mask

Bryan Thao Worra says, “Remember, remember, the CON’s little sister!”

Bryan Thao Worra takes the mask from Chris

Chris ceded the mask to Bryan. Bryan put it on. Chris cannot take the mask back from Bryan.

Bryan wearing the mask

Now Bryan must try to make it to The Bridge to win his badge ribbon. Or maybe he was just claiming the mask to grief Chris. Griefing is totally within the rules of the game. This year’s theme is dystopia, after all!

Have fun, everyone! And remember, not having fun is a crime at CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood, where we are celebrating all things dystopia!

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