Gaming is Looking for Game Masters

CONvergence 2014 Gaming Department seeks interested, fun-loving GMs to run game events in our 22nd floor Gaming Space at this year’s convention (July 3-6, 2014)! Please note that hours spent preparing and running your game count as volunteer hours for the convention. Convention registration is required to run a game, so you’ll want to get your registration in as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

If you’re interested in running a game, please e-mail [email protected] with your contact info and the basic information* about your game – we’ll work with you to find a day / time slot for your game, and get you listed in our schedule. Table spaces are booked on a first come / first served basis, so the sooner you get us your request, the better chance you have of getting the day and time you prefer!

This year’s Convention Theme is Urban Fantasy – games that fit the theme are encouraged (ex.: The Dresden Files, White Wolf’s “World of Darkness”, d20 Modern games, etc.), but all games are welcome! We look forward to working with all of you!

*Basic game info includes: Type of game (board, card, RPG); Title, Game system, Expected approximate duration of the game, Appropriate ages, Expected player experience level, and Brief content summary.

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