CONvergence 2017: To Infinity and Beyond

Dates: July 6 – 9, 2017
Theme: Space Opera
Total Registrations: 6732
Warm Body Count: 6477

CONvergence 2017 ad featuring Mark 2 and Connie in ourter space. Mark 2 is dressed as a Jedi; Connie is wearing a retro space suit with bubble helmet. There are planets and a rocket ship in the background.Set on a grand stage of sociopolitical intrigue, melodrama, and conflict, space operas have woven worlds of fantastic adventure and romance to capture our imaginations since the 1930’s. CONvergence 2017: To Infinity & Beyond is a celebration of all things space opera. Whether the hero is fated to a mythic destiny through blood or prophecy, or simply an average galactic citizen caught up in incredible circumstance, their adventures satisfy our hunger for the optimistic triumph of the individual and the common good.

Follow Yale athlete Flash Gordon’s strange odyssey towards interplanetary hero and uniter of planet Mongo, Rey escaping Jakku to join the resistance and realize her connection to the force, or Barbarella’s journey of personal discovery during her mission to rescue the scientist Durand Durand—when we dive into a space opera, we are truly along for a ride of epic proportion. Lovers Alana and Marko struggle to stay together as the battle between the technologically advanced Landfall Coalition the magic-using people of Wreath threatens to tear them apart in Saga. Paul Atreides dodges conspiracy to explore his destiny as religious leader of Arakis’s warrior Fremen in Dune. An Imperial Radch AI embarks on a desperate mission to uncover the truth behind her lieutenant’s murder in Ancillary Justice.

George Lucas may not have known whether a parsec was a measurement of time or distance when writing Star Wars, but many a modern scientist had their passion for space first kindled by the epic tale of galactic war and the family Skywalker. Though the banking dogfights of X-wings and TIE-fighters are stuff of fantasy, there is no denying that the grand adventure of this classic space opera fired the imagination of a generation.

Whether on film, small screen, or page, the likes of Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, The Fifth Element, Captain Harlock, Firefly, The Expanse, John Carter of Mars, Skylawk of Space, Honor Harrington, and so many more take you on grand, romantic adventures. Set against the backdrop of space and futuristic technology, space opera offers us universes that feel real, fantastic, and of mythic proportion for struggles that promise everything in your wildest dreams.

Join us July 6-9, 2017 in Bloomington, MN as we celebrate and explore the many worlds of space opera at CONvergence 2017: To Infinity & Beyond!

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Connie reclining