CONvergence 1999: After All, It’s Just a Party

Dates: July 2 – 4, 1999
Theme: Inaugural Convention
Total Registrations: 1,500
Warm Body Count: 1,398

Our first public event was a room party held at Minicon 33 in 1998 where we took over 500 pre-registrations for our first convention – which was still over a year away.

We observed our 1-year-to-go mark with the absurdly named CPAPAHWWH (pronounced See-PAH-pah-wah)- the CONvergence Pre-Anniversary Picnic and Hootenanny with Wacky Highjinx—a public picnic held July 4 weekend of 1998.

Below are links to more specific information in different areas of the convention:

Connie reclining