1999 Krushenko’s

Krushenko’s at CONvergence 1999 was hosted by SF Minnesota (sponsors of another SF convention, Diversicon). Krushenko’s featured a pleasant mix of scheduled and spontaneous discussions in the daytimes, and fantasy/SF-themed parties in the evenings.

Highlights included:

  • “Diversipanel” on the history, philosophy, and future plans of Diversicon, a multicultural, multimedia Twin Cities SF convention launched in 1993.
  • “In Memoriam: Deforest Kelley, 1920-1999”, Eric M. Heideman, Paul F.
    Richards, co-moderators.
  • “SF Writing Groups: The 1999 Scene.”, Eric M. Heideman, convenor
  • Panel: “Monster Culture.” Eric M. Heideman, moderator; Pam Keesey, Greg
  • Discussion: “The Works of Pam Keesey.” Eric M. Heideman, moderator, with Pam Keesey
  • Vampire Party, hosted by Pam Keesey.
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