2016 Masquerade

Judges’ Choice Awards

Best Improv to Save your sound cue: [Fe]male Mark IV – Built & Presented by: LauraJean Krueger
Most Dapper (because I was told): Kilgrave – Built & Presented by: Joshua Caito
Best Props: Valka from how to train your dragon -Built by: Dennis Cleveland, Rachel Cleveland Rand, Presented by: Rachel Cleveland Rand
Klingon I want to get Drunk with: Star Trek the Story Continues – Built & Presented by: Sarah Tesch
Most Likeable Alien: Jawa from Star Wars – built by: Gryphon Rapacz, Eddie Rapacz, Rachael Rapacz, Presented by: Gryphon Rapacz
Most Likely to Succeed: Theodora – built by: Theodora Bowlsby, Windy Bowlsby, Eve Adam, Presented by: Theodora Bowlsby
Crown Jewel Performance: Queens –

Built by:
Melissa Sowers, Laura Ulak, Erin Schneider, Chelsey Markfort, Jessica Smithson, Jessica Frantal, Erica Ramisch, Amanda Nerud, Artemisia Moltabocca, Laura Zentz Proctor.

Presented by:
Roadies/Props: Matt Markfort, Anthony Letourneau
Members: Erin Hunter, Erica Ramisch, Erin Schneider, Laura Ulak, Artemisia Moltabocca, Jessica Frantal, Jessica Smithson, Jess Dunow, Amanda Nerud, Laura Zentz Proctor, Melissa Sowers, Audrey Caseltine, Chelsey Markfort

Best Quick Change: Negasonic Teen Warhead – Built & Presented by: Maddi Swanson
People’s Choice: Negasonic Teenage Warhead – Built & Presented by: Maddi Swanson

Best Awards

Best Theme of the Convention: I wish – Built by: Caroline Hardin, Presented by: Caroline Hardin, Shannon Green
Best Recreation: Lumiere – Built & Presented by: Ryan Schmidt
Best Young Fan: Mr. Tea Time – built by:Sasha Rapacz,Rachael Rapacz Presented by:Sasha Rapacz
Best Novice: Young Fairy Maleficent – built by: Kayley, Carol, Brooke and Dan Muller, Presented by: Deanne Muller
Best Journeyman: Guts & Casca from Berzerk – Built & Presented by: Kyle Homa and Nexis
Best Master: Apolitical Statement : Built by: Melinda Layden, Racy Tracy Gomez, Presented by: Melinda Layden
Best Performance: Stone Hearted – Built by: Ansley Grams, Presented by: Ansley Grams and Other
Best Workmanship: Rose and Her Lion – Lion built by: Sara Spookystich, Rose built by Annie Mosity. Presented by: Sara Spookystich and Annie Mosity
Best in Show: Unlikely Friends – Built by: Dawn Nguyen, Presented by: Dawn Nguyen, Hai Nguyen

Connie reclining