2015 Masquerade

CONvergence Masquerade is one of the premiere events of the convention, showcasing the talents of costumers spanning all skill levels, from novices to masters. Here are the winners of the CONvergence 2015 Masquerade!

Best in Show
“Revolutionary Super Friends” #19
By Dana Baird, Claire Doyle, Steven Baumgartner, Emily Dyess, Katie Furr, Nan Miller, Amy Burge, Karan Huse, Rose Huse, David Huse, Dave Eckenrode, Lindsey Marth

Best Master
“Howl’s Moving Castle” by Sonja Cool #25

Best Journeyman
“One Girl Wrecking Crew” by Rhianna Accenture #32

Best Novice
“Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” by Melissa Adorn #30

Best Young Fan
“Dr. Lazarus” – by Alexander Rapacz #28

Best Workmanship
“Jedi Moon” – by Melissa Sowers #20

Best Performance
“Let It Go” – by Sarah Huebschen & Jacob Freeman #41

Best Theme of the Convention
“All Hail” by Kristen Lerwick #1

Judge’s Choice, Recreation
“Astrid, from “How to Train Your Dragon 2”” by Rachel Rand #8

Judge’s Choice, Outstanding Technical
“Disturbance at Two-One-Zero-Five Doubletree, Units Respond” by Gabriel Coler #35

Judge’s Choice, Best Use of Accessories
“La Muerte from “The Book of Life”” – by Emma Alley #34

Judge’s Choice, Performance
“Water Bender Katara” by Brynn Berryhill #33

Judge’s Choice, for Makeup and Stage Presence
“Lirael Goldenhand” by Sophia Rapacz #18

Judge’s Choice, Props
“Good Hunter” by Ray Fuller #24

Judge’s Choice, Character
“Rocket Racoon” by Gryphon Rapacz #23

People’s Choice Award
“Howl’s Moving Castle” by Sonja Cool #25

MN Soc Award
“Rocket Racoon” by Jen Beaupre #43

CostumeCon Complimentary Membership
“Bravely Default’s Ringabel” by Val Campion #11

Connie reclining