2004 Masquerade

The 2004 Masquerade marked the sixth and final CONvergence Masquerade for director Kat Pepmiller. We thank Kat for all her efforts and wish her well. The workmanship judges were Bernice Hauser, Diane Stebben, and Crist Ballas. The performance judges were Rochelle Rubis, Les Roth, and Christian Colquhoun.


Best Knowledge As the Phoenix Burns
Best Engineering The Long Kiss Goodnight
Best Campiness The Sprites
Best Originality KansAss Fashions
Best Recreation of a Character Nightcrawler
Best Headpiece Steampunk Traveller
Best Phospheresence Tron
Best Theme-Related Entry Trenchcoat


Judges Choice: Best Composure Under Fire The Seven-Year Itch
Most Amazing Debut Vicious Peacock
Tastiest Interlude The Long Kiss Goodnight
Best Audience Participation Wizard of Oz Guard
Best Young Fan Sakura
Best Novice Nightcrawler
Best Journeyman Trenchcoat
Best Master Eulogy
Best Workmanship Borg Hybrid
Best Presentation Doom!

Best in Show

Storytime Performed by The Prancing Pony
Constructed by Wendy Beam-Einberger, Ann Claussen, Stephanie Claussen, Erin Hildebrandt, Gail Hildebrandt, Jeff Hildebrandt, Estelle Moore, Felix Needleworthy

Connie reclining