2002 Masquerade


Young Fan: Wizard
Novice: Saba Seret
Journeyman: Ready Aim Swat!
Master: A Wednesday Election
Execution: Blue and Gold with Shiny Bits
Because there’s no Chutzpah award: Women In White
Safety in numbers and total domination of the greenroom: Night Hunt


The Wiz of a Wiz award: Wizard
Best 80’s Revival: Strawberry Shortcake
Best Product Placement with the Convention Theme: Raiders of the Lost Crusade for the Temple of Thirst
Best Foreign Film: There’s No Place like Hong Kong
Best Young Fan Performance: Samhain Faerie
Best Novice Performance: Summoned to Faerie Rave
Best Journeyman Performance: Moulin Rouge
Best Master Performance: A Wednesday Election
Best Workmanship: Contest
Best Performance: The Martians
Best in Show: Night Hunt

Connie reclining