2000 Krushenko’s


  • BioHorror Party 9:00pm-2:00am
    Find out about this new Twin Cities SF publisher.


  • The James Tiptree Jr. Award for Role-Expanding Speculative Fiction. 11:00am-Noon
    Discussion: Learn about the history and significance of this award. Discussion sponsored by SF Minnesota, hosts of Diversicon.
    Moderator: Terry A. Garey
  • The Works of Neil Gaiman Noon-1:00pm
    Discussion: Sponsored by Second Foundation, a Twin Cities SF book-discussion group.
    Moderator: Eric M. Heideman
  • Food of the Gods: Biotechnology, Frankenfood, and Popular Culture 4:00pm-5:00pm
    Panel: Although the news coverage is recent, the promise and problems of biotechnology have long been addressed in popular media.  We’ll use H.G. Wells’ 1904 novel Food of the Gods (and Bert Gordon’s 1976 movie adaptation) as a springboard for discussing food production and security and the role of popular culture in expressing cultural concerns about the application of bioscience and biotechnology.
    Moderator: Pam Keesey.  Panelists: Emily Pullins
  • Printing-on-Demand Publishing 5:00pm-6:00pm
    Discussion: Learn about this new technology and the opportunities it presents for good but off-the-beaten-path writers.
    Moderator: C.J. Stone
  • SF Writing Groups: The 2000 Scene 7:30pm-8:30pm
    Discussion: Members of past and present writing groups talk about how they started and how they function.  People looking for a writing group network with groups that are recruiting.  Sponsored by the Minnesota Imaginative Fiction Writers’ Alliance.
    Moderator: Eric M. Heideman.  Panelists: Peg Kerr
  • Party 9:00pm-2:00am
    Party hosted by Diversicon, a July 28-30 Twin Cities multicultural SF convention, host of the 2000 Tiptree Award Ceremonies.


  • Quatermass: The Panel 11:00am-Noon
    Panel: Looks at the history of Quatermass, a pre-Dr. Who, 1950s BBC science fiction show about Professor Quatermass and the four films the series inspired: The Quatermass X-Periment (1955), Quatermass 2 (1957), Quatermass and the Pit (1967), and Quatermass (1979).  Sponsored by SF Minnesota.
    Moderator: Eric M.Heideman.  Panelists: David Christenson, Pam Keesey
  • America’s Best Comics Noon – 1:00pm
    Discussion: Looks at the fresh, fun new comics line-up, America’s Best Comics, scripted by Alan Moore, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, Tom Strong, Tomorrow Stories, and Top Ten (Hill Street Blues with super powers).
    Moderator: Eric M. Heideman
  • Stone Dragon Press Party 9:00pm-2:00am
    C.J. Stone.  Find out about this new Twin Cities SF publisher.
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