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Catching up with CONvergence 2015 Guests

Charlotte Fullerton at CONevrgence 2016

We’re officially more than three-quarters of the way to CONvergence 2016! As we solidify exciting plans, panels, musical acts, artists, and our own cosplays, we’re conjuring up fond memories of last year’s convention and thought we’d check in with the CONvergence 2015 guests

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CONvergence 2015 Pass Around Game: Mark 2’s Vendetta

Following in the great CONvergence tradition of pass around games such as The Cone of Shame and The Thing, CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood brings you Mark 2’s Vendetta! Lest we not forget the last time Connie Mark 2 was in charge of

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CONvergence 2015 Souvenir Guide Available For Download

The  CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood Souvenir Guide is now available for download in a handy PDF format to read on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Print copies of the guide are available at the convention during Badge Pick-Up. CONvergence 2015 Souvenir

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How to be a Model Dystopian Citizen at CONvergence 2015

Costumes are not Consent poster featuring Connie Mark 2

We know you are excited to embark upon your dystopian adventure at CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood. Here is a list of things to keep in mind to ensure both you and everyone around you have a fantastic convention. Plus, you don’t

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CONvergence 2015 Guides & More!

Here is some helpful information for you as you to read, download or print as you plan your CONvergence weekend! CONvergence is Imminent! Survival Guide Download or print this CONvergence 2015 Survival Guide PDF for an overview of information you might need to

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Convergence Events Open Meeting at CONvergence 2015

Convergence Events, Inc logo

Do you have questions or concerns about CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood? Perhaps you have suggestions for things you’d like to see the convention or organization try, or policies to adopt? Maybe you’d just like to learn a little more about how Convergence

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CONvergence 2015 Costuming Event Overview & Tips!

CONvegence 2015 has more exciting costuming events scheduled than ever! Here is some information on the events and how to participate, as well as a link to some tips for costuming at CONvergence! Masquerade CONvergence Masquerade is one of the

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CONvergence 2015 Merchandise & Volunteer Swag Preview!

Are you ready to see what cool CONvergence stuff will be available at this year’s convention? Good news! The full lists of CONvergence 2015 Volunteer perks and Merchandise are now available online! Take a moment and check out all the awesome

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Planning to Hang Posters at CONvergence 2015?

As in recent years, CONvergence members may begin hanging posters around the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel at 6:00pm on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015. DO NOT Hang Posters: In the center of the escalator In the elevators On elevator doors or frames On

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Attention Parents! Free KidsID Event at CONvergence 2015

Child being fingerprinted during KidsID Event

CONvergence is proud to announce that we will be hosting a KidsID Event at CONvergence 2015! Montgomery Lodge #258 will be offering the opportunity to participate in the KidsID program to all parents of young children at CONvergence, and CONvergence

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