HALF PRICE Registration for CONvergence 2017 Ends January 15

Happy new year and welcome, CONvergence members, time travelers, space explorers, and Earth visitors past and present to the epic adventure of the year 2017.  Of course, January among its new beginnings and resolutions is also the time to make sure you are a registered member of CONvergence! This is your annual reminder that CONvergence 2017 registration prices will increase after January 15, 2017.

That means you have just a few short days left to register for CONvergence 2017: To Infinity and Beyond at the lowest price available, HALF OFF the at-the-door price, and be entered into the CONvergence 2017 hotel lottery. Don’t forget to remind your friends to register, too!

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January is also a great time to get more involved with CONvergence, and this year there are many ways to do so.

Help Shape CONvergence’s Youth Programming Approach

Are you a parent, teacher, mentor, advocate, or a teen or young adult who is passionate about improving youth programming at CONvergence? Then consider joining the CONvergence 2017 Youth Programming Advisory Council. As part of the advisory council, you will help review current youth programming, assess areas for improvement, and research possible events, fan groups, organizations, and programs that may be able to provide additional programming for our youth membership. Together you will create a list of suggestions and resources for current and future CONvergence planning.

The Youth Programming Advisory Council will serve for the duration of one convention cycle and will be reevaluated for need after CONvergence 2017’s postmortem meeting. If you would like to be considered for the Youth Programming Advisory Council, please send your name and any relevant details to [email protected] with the subject, “Youth Programming Advisory Council.”

Connie as Honor HarringtonBecome Part of the Community Partnership Process

Want to take an active role in developing CONvergence’s community? CONvergence is currently forming a Partner Search Committee, which will be responsible for identifying and building relationships with local events, conventions, fan groups, organizations, or businesses that may wish to enter into a community partnership with Convergence Events, Inc. As a member of the CONvergence Partner Search Committee, you will be asked to help create a show of interest form and a review process, and submit recommendations to the CONvergence Board of Directors on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to be considered for CONvergence’s Partner Search Committee, please send your name and any relevant details to [email protected] with the subject, “Partner Search Committee.”

Get your Applications in!

Applications for CONvergence 2017 room parties are already open, and there is no time like the present to create an amazing experience with your friends, or talk to your club or performance group about promoting yourselves through a room party at CONvergence.

Applications for CONvergence 2017 Artists Alley are open! Head over to the Artists page for more information.

Applications for CONvergence 2017 Fan Tables are already open! Fan tables are a great way to get the word out to CONvergence members about your club, organization, event, cause, or project!

Have you ever thought about hosting a game at CONvergence? In addition to being a lot of fun and giving you the chance to invite a new group of players into one of your stories, you can get volunteer hours for it! Head over to the Host a Game page for more information.

Submit your Panel Suggestions and Sandbox Activity Ideas

Got great panel ideas after checking out a recent film release, TV show, or new book? Fortunately, there’s still time to submit CONvergence 2017 panel ideas to the programming department. But you’d better do it soon!

Do you have an amazing idea for an art, craft, or science activity that would be perfect for Connie’s Quantum Sandbox in 2017? Click here to submit your Quantum Sandbox ideas!

Come to the Convergence Events, Inc. Annual Meeting and Election

Convergence Events, Inc logo

The 2017 Convergence Events, Inc. annual meeting and board election will be held Sunday, January 22, 2017 after the January CONvergence Convention Committee meeting. Click here for more information on the Convergence Events, Inc website.

This is a great opportunity to check out how we choose our leaders, and find out more about the nuts and bolts of CONvergence. Plus, attending this meeting will count towards your CONvergence member voting rights in 2018!

But Don’t forget to Register!

Just remember, register before the end of January 15, 2017 to get the best rate on your CONvergence membership! You’ll be able to spend the money you save on cool stuff in the Dealers Room, Artists Alley, and Art Show!

So don’t hesitate. Embrace your destiny, and click here to register for CONvergence 2017.

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