CONvergence 2016 Pass Around Game: The Briefcase

Continuing the great CONvergence tradition of pass-around games such as The Thing and Mark 2’s Vendetta, this year CONvergence: And How Do We Get There? brings you The Briefcase.

pass around game suitcase

Goal: You must acquire the CONvergence Grand Tour 2016 briefcase and travel CONvergence, collecting stamps in your passport!

pass around game travel journalHow it works: You have discovered a briefcase for this year’s grand tour. What does that mean? It means you get to discover new places and boldly go where (eh, you know the rest).

  1. You will find a briefcase somewhere on the CONvergence grounds, unattended. Open this briefcase. It should contain a notebook Travel Journal, a few pens and a lot of passports. (If the briefcase is missing any of these pieces, please go to QUESTIONS at the Bridge.)
  2. Travel the convention, taking the briefcase along for the journey! When you get to a new place (this can be any place of your choosing, or see list of suggested destinations), write down where you are on your passport, and then ask someone there to sign it. Anyone can sign your passport, but each person is only allowed to sign your passport once.
  3. After you get six signatures, open up the briefcase again and take the Travel Journal out. Now, tell us something awesome about your trip. You can write a story, draw a picture, or add to the Travel Journal however you’d like.
  4. Take the briefcase and its contents to QUESTIONS at the Bridge. Show them your passport and notebook, and get an awesome badge ribbon!
  5. Put the Travel Journal and pen back inside the briefcase. Keep your passport. Leave the briefcase in a well traveled location for someone else to find.

We can’t wait to read about everyone’s journeys! Happy travels!

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