10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer at CONvergence

Did you know that CONvergence is a 100% volunteer-run event? You too can be a part of the team that makes CONvergence happen by volunteering your time! Whether you help during set-up, at-con, tear-down, or year-round preparation, there are so many opportunities to get involved, and all of those contributions are highly valued!

You can get started now by contacting the Volunteer Department. But if you’re wondering why anyone would want to give their time for free…

The Top 10 Reasons People Volunteer With CONvergence

  1. Volunteers Den!
    Volunteering for just a few hours gives you access to the Volunteers Den, which is a space for valued volunteers to relax after their shift, get some healthy food, have a massage, or just hang out with other volunteers. Check out the Volunteers Den page for more information.
  2. badging at CONvergengeGet your kids involved!
    Some departments have volunteer opportunities suitable to the younger CONvergence members. Last year Kristen (pictured, right) earned three hours as a badger (not the critter; the badge-checker), and said she loved seeing all the costumes people were wearing. Learn more about what’s involved with badging on the Volunteer Positions page.
  3. The swag!
    Volunteering at least 15 hours earns you an excl volunteer t-shirt. These collectible shirts are unique each year, and can’t be purchased. You can only get them through volunteering, which to us makes them a badge of honor! Volunteering even a single hour gets you a badge ribbon, and there are plenty more perks too! Check out this year’s volunteer swag on the Volunteer Perks page.
  4. The Volunteer Party!
    Every year, CONvergence invites each and every one of that year’s volunteers to come together for our annual Volunteers Party, complete with snacks, games, door prizes and more! Volunteering even one single hour gets you an invitation to the party, which takes place a few weeks after the convention.
  5. Grow your resume!
    Interested in working at a coffee shop but don’t have any experience? Volunteer with CoF2E2 and learn how to brew coffee, make espresso, and maybe even get a reference. Thinking about a career in television? Contact CONvergence Video to find out how you can help with video shoots at the convention, and post production for the rest of the year!
  6. badging at CONvergenceDon’t sweat your dots off!
    There are so many opportunities to volunteer, it will be easy to find something that’s right for you. Last year, Meika (pictured, right) volunteered four hours as a badger. She said, “I chose to be a badger because I like to see all the costumes that walk by, and wanted to volunteer doing something that wouldn’t make me sweat my dots off.”
  7. Make a big event small!
    One of our CONvergence ConCom members offered this food for thought: “CONvergence can be overwhelming sometimes. Having a job makes the sheer size feel more manageable.” Volunteer to see the convention through a different lens, and get to know your peers in your department!
  8. Community immersion!
    Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet new friends at CONvergence. One ConCom member explains, “as a volunteer, your presence and giving to the convention helps shape both your own and others experience. It brings you from the status of a passive observer to an active participant in the production. It also helps you meet new people, learn about events that are happening that you might have otherwise missed, and just pulls you IN to everything.”
  9. Be in the know!
    Have you ever wondered when you’ll get your hotel confirmation? Are you curious about why certain policies change when others stay the same? Becoming a volunteer and attending ConCom meetings puts you in touch with people behind the scenes who can share with you how and why the convention unfolds in the way it does.
  10. Be part of something bigger than yourself!
    From the department heads, subheads, and specialists that make up CONvergence’s Convention Committee to all at-con volunteers—even those who volunteer a single hour as a badger—everyone who helps put on the convention does so to be part of the amazing volunteer community, and to say they were part of making CONvergence great. One ConCom member offers, “It’s really cool to look out over the Garden Court, with the party scene in full swing, and know that you had a part in making all of it happen.”

Connie pushing a broomHow to Volunteer

There are many ways to get started with volunteering for CONvergence. You could check out the Volunteer Positions page and look for something that sounds interesting to you, or click here to learn about some volunteer positions that are needed most right now.

If you’re not sure where you’d like to volunteer, contact the CONvergence Volunteers department and they can help place you in a volunteer position so you can jump right in!

While you’re at CONvergence, if you are interested in volunteering, you can stop in at the Volunteers Table and ask where you can help. You’ll soon be cooking rice or herding nerfs before you know it!

Remember: All CONvergence volunteers attending the convention must register for the convention. (Volunteering does not get anyone a free membership.) If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in any area of the convention, please contact the Volunteers department.

Watch for Volunteer Mary

This year at CONvergence 2016, the Volunteers department will be actively recruiting for both at-con positions and year-round con positions at different locations throughout the convention! Simply look for Volunteer Mary Poppins and her signature VOLUNTEER Umbrella. She is ready to talk to you about volunteer positions and answer general questions you may have about volunteering at CONvergence.

Volunteer Mary sits outside on a bench with her "VOLUNTEER" umbrella

Plus, if you volunteer with Mary, you may be rewarded with a super special volunteer perk! So watch for her!

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