CONvergence Welcomes Greg Weisman With Our New Fan-Featured Guest Program

Greg Weisman at CONvergence 2014CONvergence is excited to announce a new way to invite guests into our amazing convention community, called Fan-Featured Guests! Our very first Fan-Featured Guest will be Gargoyles and Young Justice co-creator, CONvergence Guest of Honor alumnus Greg Weisman! We are looking forward to welcoming him to CONvergence once again with the rest of our amazing 2016 CONvergence Guests!

Greg Weisman’s appearance this year at CONvergence 2016 is a pilot for CONvergence’s new Fan-Featured Guest program. His appearance is made possible by Hal Bichel, Christopher Jones, and “We Need Season 3” via a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The Fan-Featured Guest Program

Fan-Featured Guests are brought in by outside groups, organizations, or individuals with approval from and working directly with the CONvergence Guests of Honor Department. The funding for bringing in a Fan-Featured Guest is provided entirely by the group, organization, or individual bringing the guest and can be crowdfunded, fund raised, or privately donated.

Potential Fan-Featured Guests will go through exactly the same approval process as any other CONvergence Guest of Honor, and they will be treated with the same courtesy, honor and privileges. The salient differences are:

  • Because groups funding a Fan-Featured Guest are not bound by the same budgeting constraints as the convention, Fan-Featured Guest funding may cover an appearance fee.
  • The group, organization, or individuals bringing in a Fan-Featured Guest will be able to collaborate with the Fan-Featured Guest and CONvergence’s Programming department on said Guest’s programming and activities during the convention.
  • Groups, organizations, or individuals responsible for a Fan-Featured Guest’s appearance will be credited in CONvergence publications and web pages.

Groups, organizations, or individuals can propose potential Fan-Featured Guests that they have contacted and confirmed interest from to the CONvergence Guests of Honor department starting with the CONvergence 2017 convention cycle. Full details on how to propose a Fan-Featured Guest will be available on the CONvergence website in Autumn 2016.

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