CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood in Review

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Another fantastic CONvergence has drawn to a close. We acknowledge and thank not just CONvergence’s veritable army of amazing volunteers, but each and every member of the CONvergence community who helps make this event as fun and unique as it is! Thank you!

2015 Overview

Connie mark 2 making a fistCONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood took place July 2 – 5, 2015, and the theme was dystopias in science fiction and fantasy! Connie Mark 2 took over the con for the first time since 2010—this time not by force, but to celebrate her 16th birthday. We must admit that things ran smoothly under her (supervised) benevolent dictatorship.

Here are the total attendance numbers from the 2015 CONvergence convention:

  • Total Membership Registrations: 6252
  • Warm Body Count: 6057

Overall, lines moved orderly and smoothly, with all credit to CONvergence’s Nerf Herder Crowd Management. Registration and Badge Pick-up was easy and quick, and the new location for The Bridge afforded more space for training volunteers, providing support to many facets of the convention, and an ideal facility for First Advisors including a sensory-friendly quiet room that was utilized by members throughout the weekend.

Happily, 2015 marked the triumphant return of Harmonic CONvergence in the Crowne Plaza, and CONvergence’s free dedicated shuttle service was zipping to and fro to make sure everyone could make their way there and enjoy the fantastic performances!

CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood also saw new programming space guidelines for better accessibility in CONvergence’s programming panel rooms, including designated areas for wheelchair seating and for setting up camera tripods in every room. Audience members did a great job adhering to the new guidelines, and making CONvergence more accessible for all members.

2015 Photos

Most of the photos taken by official CONvergence 2015 photographers, including Photo Booth photos, have been added to the CONvergence Flickr! There is a lot there, so check it out!

Photograph of common area in short tower during CONvergence 2015

Currently plans are pending to add CONvergence 2015 photographer “best of” sets to the CONvergence Facebook page, but at present there is no timeline for completion of this task. The best thing to do is like the page so you’ll see the photos on your feed when they are added.

2015 Videos

Currently plans are pending to process the many, many hours of video captured at CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood and upload videos from the con to the CONvergence YouTube channels. At present there is no timeline for completion of this task.

If you have video editing experience, as well as your own computer, hard drive, and editing software, and you’d like to help edit CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood videos for posting, please contact CONvergence Video! Additionally, CONvergence Video could use a project manager to help inventory 2015 footage, create an editing timeline for the 2015 footage, and assign and manage editing tasks over several months. While it might help, no video production experience is required to volunteer as a video project manager. So please contact CONvergence Video if this sounds like something you’d like to help with, too!

Connie as Arthur Dent2015 Archive

Information from CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood has been added to the Archive section. There, you will find:

  • 2015 Art Show participants & award winners
  • 2015 Dealers Room vendors
  • 2015 Parties
  • 2015 Guests
  • 2015 Masquerade award winners
  • 2015 Print Publications

2015 Survey

Demographic information and feedback collected from the CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood membership and ConCom surveys has been posted on the Convergence Events website.

From the Board

The Convergence Events Board of Directors has issued a statement regarding a guerrilla Game of Thrones reenactment that occurred during CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood. Click Here to read the statement on the Convergence Events website.

Gearing up for 2016

CONvergence 2016: ...And How Do We Get There? Logo featuring Connie in a spaceship

The theme for CONvergence 2016: And How Do We Get There? is vehicles and transport of science fiction and fantasy and it will be held June 30 – July 3, 2016. The CONvergence Convention Committee (ConCom) is already starting to plan for 2016, with the September ConCom meeting fast approaching.

Now is a great time to get involved with the ConCom and year-round CONvergence volunteering. The first step to doing so is checking out the volunteer positions page to see where you might be interested in contributing. Then, contact the department you’re interested in helping, and ask how soon you can start attending department meetings and helping out! As soon as you out yourself an individual with both time and skills, you will have absolutely no trouble keeping busy with CONvergence 2016 volunteering.

Additionally, keep your eyes here on the CONvergence website and social media for announcements on the many ways you can contribute to the con, including programming brainstorming, applying to host a party, applying to perform, artist information, applying for a fan table, hosting games, and more volunteer opportunities as needs are identified throughout the year!

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