CONvergence 2015 Costuming Event Overview & Tips!

PrintCONvegence 2015 has more exciting costuming events scheduled than ever! Here is some information on the events and how to participate, as well as a link to some tips for costuming at CONvergence!


CONvergence Masquerade is one of the premiere events of the convention, showcasing the talents of costumers spanning all skill levels, from beginners to masters. Awards are given by the judges for both workmanship in the construction of the costumes and performance in the presentation.

To participate in the Masquerade, you must register your entry online and then visit the Masquerade Registeration Table in CONvergence Central, just outside CONvergence Mainstage, before 10:00am on the Saturday of the convention to confirm your spot.

Check out the Masquerade page for a link to the CONvergence 2015 Masquerade registration form. You’ll also find information and rules of CONvergence Masquerade.

Connie as GodzillaCostume Wars

The Costume Wars are new competitions for CONvergence 2015. Show off your last minute costuming skills by making something awesome from practically nothing. There are two different competitions to try!

Costume Wars: 11th Hour
Great costumes are not always built with loads of time to prep or with expensive materials. Costume Wars: 11th Hour is a contest to see what you can throw together in the last days before a con. In the days immediately before CONvergence 2015, spend less than $10 on materials building an 11th hour costume around the theme, “dystopian limits”. When you arrive at the convention, stop by the Masquerade Registration Table in CONvergence Central, just outside CONvergence Mainstage, to enter your 11th hour costume into Costume Wars: 11th Hour. Winners will be selected Friday at 3:15pm in Garden Court, so plan to turn up wearing your creation, and be ready to show it off! Afterwards, head over to Art of the Dress to wow the crowd at CONvergence Mainstage!

Costume Wars: Guerrilla
Do you and your friends have what it takes for guerrilla costuming? Are you ready to prove it? Stop by the Masquerade Registration Table in CONvergence Central, just outside CONvergence Mainstage, to register your two-person team for Costume Wars: Guerrilla. Come to the Garden Court at 1:45pm on Friday and we will give your team a bag of supplies and a theme. You will have exactly one hour to make the most impressive guerrilla costume you can. Winners will be selected when time is up. Afterwards, all participants are welcome to display their creations in Art of the Dress!

If you have any questions about Costume Wars, please contact CONvergence Masquerade.

Art of the Dress

Art of the Dress Costume and Couture Show gives all CONvergence members a chance to show off their costumes, ensembles, and unique fashions on stage without the pressure of performance or competition!

To participate in Art of the Dress Costume and Couture Show, you must register before Noon on the Friday of the convention. You may do this online or at the Art of the Dress Registration table in CONvergence Central, just outside CONvergence Mainstage. (Same place as the Masquerade Registration Table.)

Check out the Art of the Dress page for a link to the online registration form. There you will also find information and rules for Art of the Dress Costume and Couture Show.

Costuming Tips

Is this your first time wearing a costume at CONvergence? Check out our Costuming page for a quick introduction to different kinds of costumes, costuming tips and other great information to keep in mind as you plan your CONvergence weekend!

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