CONvergence 2015 Hotel Lottery Reservation Confirmations & More

Connie outgrows the DoubleTree!On March 15, 2015, emails were sent out to everyone who entered the CONvergence 2015 hotel lottery. These emails informed entrants whether or not they would have the opportunity to reserve a hotel room for CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood in the DoubleTree by Hilton, Sheraton Bloomington, or Crowne Plaza.

The email was sent to the email address you provided when you registered for your CONvergence membership. If you entered the hotel lottery but didn’t get an email, you should check your spam/junk folder, and, if you use automatic sorting with Gmail, your promotions folder. If you still can’t locate an email about your hotel lottery entry, please contact the CONvergence Hotel Department as soon as possible.

Follow-Up Email Confirmations

Last weekend, those with the opportunity to reserve a hotel room for CONvergence 2015 in the DoubleTree by Hilton, Sheraton Bloomington, or Crowne Plaza should have received a second email from the CONvergence Hotel Department.

This follow-up email provided a link to a form asking for two things:

  • Confirm that you still want your hotel room reservation. Unwanted hotel rooms will go back in the pool to be allocated to those on the waiting list.
  • Confirm all your contact information so the hotels have what they need to send you final details.

Again, Gmail may have sorted this email into your Promotions tab, and other mail services may have marked it as spam. Please watch for this, click on the link, and fill out the form.

The next email you get about your CONvergence 2015 hotel reservation should be directly from the hotel at which you have the opportunity to reserve a room. IMPORTANT: The Sheraton Bloomington is requesting the reservations be guaranteed within 7 days after their confirmation has been sent. The DoubleTree by Hilton and Crowne Plaza are requesting guarantees within 14 days.

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Questions About Hotel Lottery Room Requests

To better manage hotel allocation inquiries and to facilitate faster replies, we have set up a new email address: [email protected].

Please forward any inquiries on hotel lottery room requests, reservation changes, and cancellations to this new address. The usual address, [email protected], should still be used for other hotel inquiries, but we will monitor that address for room issues as well.

Didn’t get a Room Through the Hotel Lottery?

While everyone who entered the hotel lottery has been automatically added to the wait list, it is a very, very good idea to plan other accommodations. Here are a few suggestions to help you!

  • Reserve a room at one of the CONvergence overflow hotels. Remember, CONvergence provides a FREE, 24-hour accessible shuttle that stops at all of the overflow hotels for the duration of the convention. Our team is already working to ensure the shuttle is faster and more reliable than ever this year.
  • Find crash space, hotel roommates, and carpools via Facebook using the official CONvergence Connections group.
  • Find crash space, hotel roommates, and carpools via Twitter by tweeting on the #CVG2015 hashtag.
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