Souvenir Guide Available For Download

CVG 2014 Souvenir GuideThe CONvergence 2014 Souvenir Guide is now available for download in a handy PDF format to read on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Print copies of the guide are available at the convention during Badge Pick-Up.

The Souvenir Guide features Guest of Honor perspectives and schedules, a programming guide, maps, information about sponsors and tons of other useful information for CONvergence 2014!

If you have any questions about the 2014 Souvenir Guide, please contact CONvergence publications. (You may not get a reply until after the convention.)


To the CONvergence Membership, Rick Snyder, Elizabeth Bear, and especially, our Guests of Honor Sarah Clemens and Greg Guler,

Our most sincere apologies for the misspelling of Sarah Clemens’ and Greg Guler’s names in our Souvenir Guide.

Additionally, Elizabeth Bear was credited for writing the introduction of Marina Sirtis in error. Rick Snyder was the author of Marina Sirtis’ introduction.
It is our intent to be as accurate as possible in all of our publications. We are sincerely apologetic for our mistake.

Christin LeXi  Davies
Communications Director
Convergence Events
Posted in Publications
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