CONvergence 2014 Programming Features

Here are a few programming features/announcements that you might want to know going into your CONvergence 2014 weekend!

Of course, there is more awesome programming at the convention than any one person could enjoy in a weekend, and you can find it all on the CONvergence 2014 Schedule.

Mark Time Radio ShowMark Time Logo - flat

It is the end of an era. CONvergence 2014 will host the very last Mark Time Radio Show Thursday, July 3rd at 6:00pm on Mainstage. This will also likely be the last year that CONvergence will host the Mark Time and Ogle Radio Awards. To mark the occasion, David Ossman of Firesign Theater will be guest performing in the show and presenting the awards.

Don’t miss your last chance to see this CONvergence tradition! Add the Mark Time Radio Show to your CONvergence 2014 schedule.

Matthew Ebel

A special message from CONvergence 2014 Guest Piano Rocker Matthew Ebel:

People of CONvergence: 

Greetings from somewhere out in deep space! My name’s Matthew Ebel and the good folks at CONvergence have summoned me to the planet Minnesota to put on a sci-fi piano rock show on Saturday night. We’re honored to be up there on the same platform as the Gargoyles, Magnus & Loki, and Counselor Troi.

Wait… you’ve never heard of me or my robots? It’s okay, we’ve never heard of you either. HOWEVER… we’d love to give you a FREE ALBUM you can listen to while we’re en route back to your star system. No, seriously, it’s 13 tracks and it’s all yours as a peace offering before our arrival. If you like what you hear, you’re going to love hearing it live on stage on Saturday night.

Just fire up your web robot and point him/her at!

Pax, Matthew

Draw Phineas & Ferb with Greg Gulerferb

This panel was a late addition and looks like it will be lots of fun!

Get first-hand instruction on how to draw Phineas and Ferb  characters from CONvergence Guest of Honor Greg Guler! All ages and skill levels are welcome. Come draw some cartoons! Saturday at 8:30pm in Connie’s Quantum Sandbox!


Gaming Sign-Ups

Do You Want to Play a Game? Did you see one or more of the awesome games scheduled in the CONvergence Gaming space this year and say to yourself “I must play this?” Take note! Clicking that you plan to attend on the online schedule is great, but it DOES NOT officially sign you up for the game!

Official signup for games being held on the 22nd floor (and for the Munchkin Tournament over in the Crowne Plaza) opens on Thursday morning in the 22nd floor lobby. Want to sign up for the Artemis simulator? See the Manticoran Royal Navy in 2203.


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