Music at CONvergence

As we all know CONvergence is growing and that at times there will be change. One of the changes this year was music at the convention. We know that music is important to the community and we want to make sure to work out the best use of space for all involved.

The plan as stated earlier on the website was to move music under two departments. Smaller acts into programming and larger acts onto the mainstage, however as you know things rarely go as planned. Since the announcement programming has lost the event space at the Sheraton Bloomington (former Sofitel) due to remodeling and mainstage has given three time slots to guests for Marina Sirtis and the other guests from Gargoyles.

As a result Programming only has limited space for groups that can work in our traditional programming rooms with minimal technical support and mainstage only has one time slot (Thursday at 11:30PM) available.

If you think your group will work within the programming parameters please contact [email protected].

If you feel your group would work on mainstage or you would like to make a suggestion contact [email protected].

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