Harisen Daiko – Taiko Drum Troupe

Sunday July 6th, 2014 on MAINSTAGE @ 2pm-3pm!

Harisen Daiko returns for its second year on the CONvergence Mainstage! If you missed last year’s performance you had likely left the hotel altogether or were perhaps dead – because our beat carried all the way to the Plaza Tower and into many a panel. If you heard us without actually seeing the performance, you won’t want to miss this year’s new and returning pieces, and a new SciFi Medley.

Harisen Daiko, Taiko Drummers - 7/7/13

We are a diverse group of players with over a century of combined Taiko playing experience. Seeking cultural connection, chasing inspiration, and reveling in the energy that can only be found when you and about a dozen of your friends get together to hit things with sticks…usually drums. Harisen Daiko have come together for one purpose and one purpose only. To share our obsessive love of Japanese Taiko drumming with other people who obsessively love things.

Learn more at the Harisen Daiko Facebook Page!


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